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Canthora Spraycan


Package includes:
- 1 mini trashbin (H:15cm)
- Canthora spraycan (H:11cm)
- 1 pin button + 1 ny fat cap
- Set of 7 stickers
(6 Silkscreen, 1 digital print, all die cut )
Shipping as REGISTERED post, other option
please contact mail@antios.net

Empty customised spraycan.
No pressure or paint inside.
Decorative use only!
Limited to 42 pieces.

Based on New York’s iconic coffee cup,
"Canthora" is a customized spraycan
blending the original Greek design
with street elements.
Reuse & Reduce!

All items shipped REGISTERED mail within 2 working days
for different option please contact mail@antios.net

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